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Mark Cutler, an experienced international business developer and management consultant has recently become Chairperson of the Greater Hartford Chapter of SCORE

Posted by carriagetradepr on January 22, 2012



Hartford, CT – Mark Cutler, an experienced international business developer and management consultant
has recently become Chairperson of the Greater Hartford Chapter of SCORE, the SBA sponsored provider of
counseling to small businesses.

Mr. Cutler worked for 32 years for The Gillette Company, a consumer goods company based in Boston
Massachusetts. Mark spent half of his 32 years with Gillette outside the United States when he lived and worked in
Panama, Peru, Spain and England. When he retired from Gillette in 2002, Mark was a Vice President for the
International Group.

Mr. Cutler has been an international business developer and a management consultant to scientists from the
Former Soviet Union since 2002. He has developed business plans, provided commercialization support, helped
attract investment and trained scientists in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Iraq and
Libya. In executing these tasks, Mark has volunteered his time to several non-profit organizations as well as to the
United States Government (State Department).

In addition to the work in the Former Soviet Union, Iraq and Libya, Mark has been active in volunteer work
for SCORE, being incoming Chairman of Score’s Greater Hartford chapter, a nonprofit association dedicated to
entrepreneurial education and the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide, as well as in CDC
Development Solutions, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Washington DC providing innovative
and market-driven solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and governments in emerging markets. Mark is
also on the Board of Directors of SMS Audio.

In 2004, was recognized by President Bush with the President’s Volunteer Service Award. In addition, was
featured in a Time Magazine article in December 2003 on volunteerism in America and has received awards from
CRDF and US State Department for volunteerism.

Bernie Sweeney, District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration, commented: “We are
delighted to have Mark as the new Chairperson of our chapter and are looking forward to using his leadership
and teaching skills in our workshops and seminars. We are particularly pleased to have another counselor who
is currently involved in international business as his presence in the chapter will help to insure that we stay
abreast of current issues confronting businesses.

According to Mr. Cutler, his interest in joining SCORE stemmed from his desire to share his entrepreneurial
drive with current and prospective small businesses owners. He also thinks that “… it is important to increase
the involvement of entrepreneurs in counseling and mentoring organization like SCORE because it helps to
insure that the organization and its volunteers accurately reflect the current business environment.”

FOR RELEASE: January 4, 2012


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